Number of businesses in the Trade Register

Type of business
2 Jan 18
Limited liability company 270,553
Private trader 204,031
Housing company 89,134
Limited partnership
General partnership 10,054
Co-operative 4,229
Branch of a foreign trader 1,184
Non-profit association (x) 442
Public limited company 248
Co-operative bank 192
Foundation (x)
Mutual insurance company
Savings bank
Insurance company 18
Tenant-owners' society 17
Insurance association 7
Public business 3
European economic interest group 1
Finnish branch of European economic interest group 1
European company (SE) 1
Mortgage society 1
Total 608,486

(x) The figure contains foundations and non-profit associations entered in the Trade Register. Only foundations and non-profit associations with a permanent place of business or at least one employee for carrying on business must be notified for entry in the Trade Register.

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Latest update 02.01.2018