LEI codes

An LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) is an international organisational code. Companies and entities, for example registered associations and foundations, need an LEI code when trading in listed shares, exchange-traded fund (ETF) units and other securities or derivatives listed on the stock exchange.

Banks and investment service providers do not accept orders from companies or entities with no valid LEI code.

You do not need to have an LEI code if you just own financial instruments. Moreover, you do not need it when redeeming and subscribing for fund units in ordinary investment funds, for example, or when trading in unlisted shares. Read more about LEI codes.

Who needs an LEI?

An LEI is necessary for companies and other legal entities, including registered associations and foundations. A company or an entity may only have a single LEI code.

Private persons are not eligible for LEI codes.

Apply for an LEI code at the PRH

Companies and entities with Finnish Business IDs, excluding branches, can apply for an LEI code at the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH). We do not give advice on whether your company or entity needs the code.

Fill in your application using the initial version of our online LEI service. Print out and sign the application and send it to the PRH by email or by post. We will send you an invoice for the application fee. Read our instructions on how to file your application.

File your application.

Issued LEI codes are shown in the company search at ytj.fi

We will not send you a separate decision about issuing the LEI code.

To see the issued LEI and the date of issue, access the details of your company or entity using the company search at ytj.fi. The service is free of charge. Enter the name or Business ID of your company or entity in the search box. A list of search results will appear beneath the search box. Click the Business ID of your company or entity to view more details. Issued LEI codes are shown after the Business ID history under ‘LEI details’. Go to the company search at ytj.fi.