Classification of designs

Designs are categorised into classes according to their purpose of use. The classification does not determine the scope of protection of a design registration, but it makes designs easier to find. For example, packages are found in class 9 and furniture in class 6. Each main class has several subclasses.

When applying to register a design, you do not have to know the design classification system, nor indicate the class in your application. We will do the classification for you.

If you have chosen to indicate a class for your design and it is incorrect, we will contact you through an office action and rectify the classification on that basis.

Read more about the application process at the PRH.

Designs are categorised by main classes and subclasses

Designs are categorised into classes under the international Locarno Agreement. There are 32 main classes. Each main class is divided into as many subclasses as needed.

For example, the main class for furniture is 6. The subclass for tables is 03 and for cupboards 04. In a registration application, the classification for a table is 6-03 and for a cupboard 6-04.

Search for registered designs by class

If you want to know, for example, what kinds of tables have been protected as designs, you can search for them by class in our Design Database. The database comprises details of designs applied for in Finland.

Go to our Design Database.

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DesignView is a database maintained by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). Use DesignView when you want to search for Community designs registered by EUIPO and for designs found in the databases of a number of national authorities.

Go to DesignView.

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Use DesignClass to choose the correct class for your design

When you are looking for the correct class for your design, you can make use of DesignClass.

It is a database where you can search for the correct class by a search term, for example "lamps". The search term must always be in the plural. The search returns a list of alternatives.

You can also search for a suitable search term for your design by a specific class and subclass, for example 8-01.

Go to DesignClass.

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