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What is design right?

Design right is the most important legal tool to protect industrial designs. You can protect your design by registering it, in which case you secure yourself an exclusive right to the products you have designed.

Design rights are mainly used in business, but they can as well be applied for or owned by private persons.

Please note that you can apply to register your design at the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) only in Finnish or in Swedish. Read more about how to apply.

Apply to register your design in Finnish or in Swedish.

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Other possibilities to protect your rights

A trademark distinguishes the goods and services of your company from similar goods and services of other companies. Read more about trademarks.

A patent gives you an exclusive right to use your invention commercially. Read more about patents.

A utility model, like a patent, gives you an exclusive right to use your invention commercially. It is intended to protect simple device and product inventions. Read more about utility models.

Current affairs

SMEs: Get financial support to make use of your intellectual property

Small and medium-sized companies now have the opportunity to receive financial support in order to make use of their intellectual property and to develop control over it. You can get financial support for trademark and design application fees and for the IP pre-diagnostic service (IP Scan). The support is granted by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).