Design right protects the design of products

A successful product is often known for its design. That is why businesses nowadays invest more and more in the design of successful products. For many products, an excellent design that appeals to the customer is one of the most important selling points. If you have invested in the design of a product, you should also register the design. It gives you the exclusive right to the design and also to the results of your design work. Without registration you will have no effective way of acting against imitators.

Design right protects the appearance of a product or a part of a product. The object of protection is always a concrete article, or a part of it, and can always be perceived by sight. Design protection is often used in ordinary everyday products, such as furniture, packages or foodstuffs.

You get design right protection by registering your design. Through registration, the design right owner obtains, with certain exceptions, the exclusive right to use the design.

The purpose of design right is to encourage designers to create new designs and to support those who want to invest in the results of design work.

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Design right in brief