For design right owners

Registering your design gives you the most effective possible protection against those who try to copy the design. However, you must monitor your exclusive right yourself.

You can benefit from your registered design by pledging or licensing it.

Keep your register details up to date

Make sure your details in the Designs Register are up to date. Notify us immediately of any changes to your name or address details. Then any letters from us, such as a reminder letter about a design right expiry, can reach you at the correct address. Read more about filing changes.

How to indicate your right to the design

Once your design has been registered, we recommend that you label either the product or its packaging with a clear indication of the registration, followed by the registration number, for example: Registered design No. 123456.

Before the registration, i.e. while your application to register the design is still pending, you can use an indication like this: Design registration application M20170345.

Those interested in your design can use details like the registration or application number to find the basic public information about the design in our Design Database.

Liability for damages, intellectual property offence or design right violation

As laid down in the Criminal Code of Finland, any intentional infringement of a design right is punishable either as an intellectual property offence under the Criminal Code, or as a design right violation under the Finnish Registered Designs Act.

In addition, the infringer can be ordered to pay damages to the design right owner.  

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Latest update 24.07.2019