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Other fees for patent applications, patents and supplementary protection certificates

The fees below are official fees and not subject to VAT.

Service Price (€)
Opposition fee 900.00
Decision fee under section 71a of the Finnish Patents Act (re-establishment of rights) 500.00
Handling fee for limitation under section 53a of the Finnish Patents Act 900.00

Changes to the record of filed patent applications and to the Finnish Patent Register

Service Price (€)
Fee for each entry in the Patent Register (e.g. transfer or pledging of the patent or licence for the patent) 100.00
Change of name, address, domicile or registered office, or representative in the record or in the register; transfer of application free of charge

Certificates and extracts

Certificates and extracts are paid against an invoice sent by the PRH. The invoicing charge and delivery charge will be added to the price of your order.

Service Price (€)
Priority document 70.00
Certified extract from the official record of correspondence 10.00
Register extract 15.00
Authentication 15.00 + 1.00 /page
-Invoicing charge 6.50
-Delivery charge 5.50
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