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Annual fees for patent applications and patents

To keep your pending patent application or granted patent in force, you must pay annual fees. The annual fee is due for payment each year on the last day of the month in which the original filing date of the application falls. You must pay the annual fee for the first time at the beginning of the third payment year. If you do not pay the fee by the due date, you can still pay it plus a surcharge of 20% within the following six months. You cannot pay the annual fee earlier than six months before the due date.

Example: You file your application in February 2019. The annual fee is due for payment for the first time on the last day of February 2021 (third year). The deadline to pay the annual fee raised by 20% is on the last day of August.

The fees below are official fees and not subject to VAT.

Annual fees

An annual fee that is paid after the due date, as referred to in section 41(3) or 42(3) of the Finnish Patents Act, must be paid plus 20%.

Fee year
Price (€) Price raised by 20% (€)
3rd year (for years 1 to 3) 200.00 240.00
4th year 125.00 150.00
5th year 150.00 180.00
6th year 200.00 240.00
7th year 250.00 300.00
8th year 300.00 360.00
9th year 350.00 420.00
10th year 400.00 480.00
11th year 450.00 540.00
12th year 500.00 600.00
13th year 550.00 660.00
14th year 600.00 720.00
15th year 650.00 780.00
16th year 700.00 840.00
17th year 750.00 900.00
18th year 800.00 960.00
19th year 850.00 1020.00
20th year 900.00 1080.00

To see the reference number and other details of fees due for payment within six months, access our Patent Information Service and search by the patent number or the application number. The details of annual fees for European patents validated in Finland can also be found by searching the Patent Information Service. The annual fees due for payment for European patents are shown in the Patent Information Service after we have given public notice of the European patent.

Go to the Patent Information Service.Open link in a new tab

Select a search result to open the page “Application data". At the bottom of the page, you will find “Fees due within 6 months" and a link to the payment service for patents.

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