The ABC of patenting

You have made an invention. To make sure that only you can exploit it commercially, you should protect it using legal tools, such as the patent. As a patent owner, you can prevent competitors from copying your invention.

Go global with PRH

Even if you are aiming at the international market, it may be a good idea to start patenting by filing a national Finnish application with the PRH. We will produce a high-quality search and examination result, from which it will be easy to apply for a patent in other countries.

Welcome to our services

We advise you to make the most of patent information – at all stages of your product development. The PRH provides search services, which you can use at any point during the process, from the very first inquiries when starting to develop your product, to competitor monitoring after launching your product to the market. Read more about our search services.

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Latest update 16.06.2015