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How we process personal data

In general, we use the personal details indicated in applications or notifications that apply to the applicant and to other individuals. Such data include names, addresses and other basic details. Authorities also provide us with details.

The privacy statement explains where the personal data in each register are collected from.

We handle personal data according to the law or with the consent of the person in question. We keep your details for as long as is required to meet the purpose for which the details were collected.

We disclose details to third parties on the grounds indicated in the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and in the Act on Openness of Government Activities.

More information in the privacy statements

A privacy statement describes the essential facts about the processing of personal data in the register. These include the register’s purpose of use, the data to be collected and the rights of those entered in the register. In addition, the privacy statement explains how details are disclosed from the register.

The privacy statements are updated on a regular basis.

In the menu, you will find our privacy statements.

The privacy statement for the Finnish Business Information System BIS (YTJ in Finnish) is at Go to the privacy statement for BIS at link in a new tab

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