Inaccurate details in the register

Your personal details held in our registers can be inaccurate for reasons beyond your control.

For example:

You have been entered in the Trade Register as a member of the executive committee without your consent.

You can request us to correct the inaccurate details. The correction is free of charge.

You must assure us of your identity so we can correct the details accurately.

Proceed as follows

Submit a request for correction in writing. Provide the following information in your request:

    • The error in your details that we must correct. Explain why the details are inaccurate.
    • Your name and Finnish personal identity code or your date of birth, if you do not have a Finnish personal identity code.
    • Your contact details, such as email or phone number, if we need to contact you.
    • If a company, an association or a foundation is concerned, provide its name and business-ID or register number.

Date and sign your request and send it to us either

    • as a scanned PDF file by secure email. Select "PRH Registry" as recipient. Read more and send secure email.
    • or by post to: Finnish Patent and Registration Office, FI-00091 PRH, Finland.

Has your appointment entered in the Trade Register terminated?

A company or an organisation entered in the Trade Register, the Register of Associations or the Register of Foundations must inform us about changes in register details. We must immediately be informed about replacements within your business.

If your appointment entered in the register has terminated, you have the right to report your resignation or terminated appointment. This notice is free of charge.

Read more in our register-specific instructions about reporting terminated appointments:

Correcting inaccurate personal data entered in the Patent, Utility Model, Trademark or Designs Register

You can request correction of inaccurate personal data entered in the patent, utility model, trademark or designs register as explained above in "Inaccurate details in the register".

Are you receiving our news or announcements?

You can request us to check your personal data processed by the communications and marketing department at the PRH. Provide the following information in your request:

    • What kind of announcements have you received?
    • To which address have you received the announcements?

Send your request by email to: viestinta(at)

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Latest update 27.06.2019