Classification of goods and services

The exclusive right acquired through trademark registration only applies to the goods and services listed in the application or registration. In other words, the exclusive right does not cover all goods and services in the world. The list of goods and services for the trademark defines the scope of protection for the exclusive right. In addition, the list is used for assessing the distinctive character of the mark and its risk of confusion with other marks.

All goods and services in the world are divided into classes by certain criteria. The criteria include the purpose of the goods or the field of the services, for example. In total, there are 45 classes. Classes 1–34 relate to goods and classes 35–45 to services.

When applying for a trademark, you must always indicate the goods or services you want to use the trademark for. You can apply for a registration in one or more classes.

Read more about indicating goods and services in your application.

This section provides information about how to choose the correct classes and how to indicate your goods and services in the application.

Further details about the classification system, its grounds and sources of information are available on the page Classification principles and sources of information. If you need help, consult our advisory service for classification

Purpose of classifying goods and services

The classification system is most of all a tool for finding trademarks being applied for or already registered for similar goods or services.

The list of goods and services defines the scope of protection for the registration.

How many classes can I include in my application?

For the basic application fee, we can register your trademark in one class. For each additional class you have to pay an additional fee.

The more goods and services you include in your application, the more likely we are to find obstacles when examining it before registration, and the more slowly we are able to process it.

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