Study trademarks in advance

Check in advance if your trademark can be registered

Before filing your trademark application, check if your mark can be registered or if there are obstacles to the registration. It is wise to study trademarks in advance when you still have the opportunity to modify and change your mark, if needed. We will not refund the application fee if your application is rejected.

You can study trademarks in advance yourself or ask us to carry out a preliminary examination of your mark. In addition, IPR experts and trademark agencies carry out various kinds of preliminary examinations for a fee.

Read more about the requirements for and obstacles to registration.

Search databases to make sure your mark is not too similar to earlier registered trademarks.

Ask us to carry out a preliminary examination

You can also capitalise on our expertise and save time.

An alternative to conducting a preliminary examination on your own is to use our search services, which are subject to a charge. A preliminary examination for a trademark takes between two and five working days.

Preliminary examinations of various extent are available, and the price depends on the extent of the examination.

Read more about our preliminary examinations. 

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Latest update 17.06.2021