Finnish Register of Associations

Freedom of association is one of the basic political rights guaranteed in the Constitution of Finland.

Electronic notices to the register

You can file the following notices online: basic notices, rule amendments, notices of dissolution, and changes of persons signing for your association. Also changes of address can be submitted online.

The notice is signed by the chairperson of the executive committee by using his or her personal Internet banking codes or mobile ID. After that, the handling fee is paid by using Internet banking codes or credit card. The payment can also be made by some other person than the chairperson, for example the association's treasurer.

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Association details, register extracts or rules

In AssociationNet, you can search basic details of Finnish associations by name, registration number, or by other criteria. The search is free. You can also buy electronic register extracts or rules. A register extract or rules cost 4.96 euros (incl. VAT 24%). You can pay for the items by Internet bank transfer or by credit card. Once you have paid you can access the items. The extracts and rules are available in Finnish or in Swedish.

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Estimated processing time

September 2019

Type of notification
Estimated processing time
New associations
temporary interruption
Changes in the right to sign on behalf of the association
temporary interruption
Notices of dissolution temporary interruption
Rule amendments
temporary interruption

Processing time means the time from filing a notice or an application to the first communication with the client. The first communication can be

  • a decision about registration,
  • a request or invitation in writing to correct the notice or application, or
  • a telephone call.

The estimated processing time does not promise to process the matter within the time indicated but rather is an estimate that may change according to the processing status.

Please note

If the registration of changing the persons entitled to sign for the association requires the registration of pending rule amendments, the processing time for this is the same as for the rule amendments.

Current affairs

Follow the processing of your association's notice online

You can now monitor your association's notices and their processing stages.If your electronic notice is not yet pending, you can complete it. You may also carry out preliminary name searches.