Business ID of an association

On 18 September 2019, all associations entered in the PRH Register of Associations received a Business ID. The registration numbers recorded in the Register of Associations are no longer in use.

If your association had a Business ID before 18 September 2019, it remains the same.

A new association filed with the Register of Associations is issued a Business ID once its start-up notification has been registered in the Business Information System (BIS).

You do not receive any separate confirmation that a Business ID has been issued. In the company search at, you can check the Business ID by the name of your association two workdays after filing the start-up notification. Go to the company search at

Finnish Business Information System (BIS)

The Business Information System (BIS) is jointly maintained by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) and the Finnish Tax Administration.

You can use the system to find the companies and entities that

  • have been filed with the PRH Trade Register, the Register of Associations, or the Register of Foundations;
  • have been filed with any of the registers of the Finnish Tax Administration (Prepayment Register, Employer Register, or the VAT Register); or
  • have filed a start-up notification but not have been entered in any of the registers above.

Business ID of a new association

If you file the start-up notification of your association with the Register of Associations online, you will receive a Business ID as soon as you have signed and paid for the notification in our online service.

If you submit the start-up notification on a paper form, you will get a Business ID within a couple of days after filing the notification.

General information about the Business ID

The Business ID identifies the association but it does not convey the registers it has been filed with.

The Business ID consists of seven digits, a dash, and a control mark, for example 1234567-1. There are no separate numbers for the Trade Register, the Register of Associations, or the Register of Foundations.

You can check the Business ID free of charge in the company search at Go to the company search at

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Latest update 18.09.2019