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Instructions for the online information service of the Finnish Register of Associations

The online information service of the Finnish Register of Associations provides free access to basic details of associations, chambers of commerce and religious communities. You can also run various kinds of selections using the advanced association search. It is also free of charge to monitor the progress of notifications filed with the Finnish Register of Associations or the Finnish Register of Religious Communities.

If you need register extracts or rules, you can buy them using internet banking codes or by credit card. The extracts and rules are in Finnish or in Swedish. The rules are available in electronic format for 2011 and later.

Please note that if you need rules or other items registered before 2011, contact our customer service, for example, using our document order form. Open the document order form.

How to buy register extracts or rules

Start by entering the following details in the association search on the first page of the information service:

  • the association’s name or part of it
  • the registration number or Business ID.

The search results will show a list of associations. Click on the association’s name you are interested in. On the right-hand side, you will see what kind of documents are available about the association.

If you want to buy documents, add them to the shopping cart by clicking on the blue button. The documents are accessible once you have paid for them.

Please note that if you make a one-off purchase, in other words you do not register as a user, you have access to your bought items during the present session only. Remember to save the items to your computer or print them out before you exit.

If you have registered as a user, the items are available in "Bought items" for 30 days from the date of purchase. You can register as a user on the front page.

JavaScript: You have access to all information service functions if you enable JavaScript in your device. JavaScript is usually enabled in most devices, unless you have chosen to disable it. You can use the association search without JavaScript.

Go to the online information service of the Finnish Register of Associations.Open link in a new tab

Other instructions

Notification search

Use the notification search to search for notifications filed by associations. Basic details are free of charge. Search by the association’s Business ID or registration number. If you know the record number of a notification, enter it in the search field to get direct access to the notification details. The documents relating to the notification are not available in the service.

Advanced association search

Use the advanced association search to run various kinds of selections free of charge. You can, for instance, search for associations that were registered between certain dates and are based in a certain municipality (domicile). You can combine several search criteria.

How to buy and pay in the service

You buy items by adding them to the shopping cart. The quantity of items in the shopping cart is indicated in the upper right-hand corner of the shopping cart. You can buy one or more items at a time. From the shopping cart, you can continue shopping or proceed to payment.

One-off purchaser or registered user

As a one-off purchaser or registered user, you pay for your purchases either online using your internet banking codes, or by credit card.

As a contract client, you make the payment against monthly invoices.

After payment, the items will be viewable in “Bought items".

If you are a one-off client, your purchase(s) are available in “Bought items" during the present session only. Please do not close the browser before you have looked at the content of the item(s) you have bought. We recommend that you save or print out the documents.

Purchases by registered clients or contract clients are available in "Bought items" for 30 days.

Become a contract client

If you frequently need a lot of information from our information service, we recommend that you become one of our contract clients, which would make you eligible for reduced fees. Read more about becoming a contract client.

Please note that if it is not possible for you to use the online information service of the Finnish Register of Associations, you can order documents from our customer service using a document order form on our website. The invoice will be sent to you separately. Open the document order form.

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