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Company names

This section gives you advice when you need a name for your company, or want to change your company name or check the names of other companies. Click on the menu to open the appropriate instructions.

The instructions contain information on how a company name should be formed and on the important points that are checked at the Trade Register.

Consider carefully the name you plan to adopt. It should be easy to use and remember. Always use the registered form of the company name. This ensures that your clients and partners can locate your business easily.

Study alternatives before you file your notification

Check in our Name checking service that there are no bars to registering the name before you file your notification.

The actual company name examination takes place after you have filed your start-up notification. Therefore we advise you to wait until your company name is registered before you order advertising signs or company stationery.

By registering a company name you get an exclusive right to that name in Finland.

Besides your company name, you can protect your products and services through a trademark. Read more about trademarks.

Study alternatives in our Name checking service for companies.Open link in a new tab

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