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For LEI applicants

Companies and entities, for example registered associations and foundations, need an LEI code when trading in listed shares, exchange-traded fund (ETF) units and other securities or derivatives listed on the stock exchange.

Banks and investment service providers do not accept orders from companies or entities with no valid LEI code.

You do not need to have an LEI code if you just own financial instruments. Moreover, you do not need it when redeeming and subscribing for fund units in ordinary investment funds, for example, or when trading in unlisted shares. Read more about LEI codes.

Who can apply for an LEI at the PRH?

Finnish companies and entities (such as registered associations and foundations) with Finnish Business IDs can apply for an LEI at the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH). Branches cannot get LEI codes from the PRH. From 31.3.2022 onwards PRH does not issue or renew existing LEI codes for investment funds.

You will be asked in the application form to give the name and role (for example, responsible person in the company) of the person signing the application. Read further instructions on who can sign the application.

We do not give advice on whether your company or entity needs the code.

A company or an entity may only have a single LEI code.

Private persons are not eligible for LEI codes.

See the service agreement and the terms of use.

You cannot transfer your LEI to another entity

An LEI code is entity-specific and cannot be transferred to another company or entity.

For example, if an LEI owner merges with another company, the LEI code of the merging company is no longer valid. If the acquiring company has not previously had an LEI code, it must apply for a new one.

What does it cost?

The application fee for an LEI includes the processing of the application and the registration for the first 12 months. The application fee including VAT is 86.80 euros.

We will send you an invoice for the application fee after issuing the LEI. Read more in our price list.

How long will the LEI be valid?

The PRH issues LEI codes for 12 months at a time. You must renew your code every year by paying an annual fee. We will send you the first invoice for the annual fee approximately 10 months after registering the code.

You can inactivate your LEI code.

You can renew your LEI code.

How to apply

Fill in your application using our online LEI service.

In the application, you must enter the details of your direct and ultimate parent entities or indicate that there are no details (for example if there are no parent entities). In addition, you must give your invoicing details and the contact details of the person providing further information. Print out and sign the application, and send it with the enclosed documents to the PRH by email (as PDF files) or by post.

Application process steps

Step 1

Fill in parent entity details and application details.

Step 2

Print out and sign the application.

Step 3

Send the application and any enclosed documents to the PRH.

Step 4

You get an LEI code.

We send you an invoice.

‍Read our instructions on how to file your application.

The LEI service works best with the following web browsers:

  • Google Chrome 55 or later
  • Internet Explorer 11 or later
  • Firefox 50 or later
  • Safari 10.11 or later

File your application.Open link in a new tab

What happens after applying?

We will process your application within 5 working days and issue the LEI once the processing is completed. We will not send you a separate decision about issuing the LEI code.

To see the issued LEI and the date of issue, access the details of your company or entity using the company and organisation search at The service is free of charge. Go to the company and organisation search at link in a new tab

We will send you an invoice for the application fee after issuing the LEI. See our price list.

Download LEI files to get information about issued LEI codes and new or changed details. You can download files concerning issued LEI codes and their owners. Download LEI files.Open link in a new tab

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