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How to renew your LEI code

The PRH issues LEI codes for 12 months at a time. To renew the validity of your code, you must

  • pay an annual fee
  • update the LEI details that have changed.

Pay the annual fee

We will send you an invoice for the following 12 months about 10 months after the issuance of your LEI code. Pay the annual fee by the due date to the PRH’s account given in the invoice, and we will renew the validity of the code. See our price list.

We always send an invoice for the annual fee about two months before the next revision date of your LEI code. To see the revision date, access the details of your company using the company search at Go to the company search.Open link in a new tab

Update the LEI details

You must update the details

  • if you have not filed your parent entity details or indicated that there are no parent entities. If you fail to file the details, we will inactivate your LEI code even if you pay the annual fee. Read our instructions.
  • if your details have changed, for example if the contact person, the invoicing details or the parent entity details have changed.

To update the details, fill in a form using our online LEI service (select ‘Update parent entity details’ on the main page) and send the form to the PRH. Go to the LEI service to update the details.Open link in a new tab

LEI inactivation and activation

We will inactivate your LEI code if you fail to pay the annual fee or to file your parent entity details by the deadline.

To reactivate the inactivated code, fill in an application using our online LEI service and send the application to the PRH. In connection with the activation, we will charge the annual fee for the following 12 months. Read our instructions on how to file your application.

File your parent entity details to keep your code activated

If your company or entity has got its LEI code from the PRH, you must either submit your parent entity details to us or indicate that there are no such details (for example if there are no parent entities).

File your parent entity details

The Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF), which governs the LEI system globally, requires that we collect the details.

Submit your parent entity details to us or indicate that there are no details for example if there are no parent entities). If you fail to do this, we will inactivate your LEI code. The code will no longer be valid even if you have already paid the annual fee to renew it.

In practice, inactivating the code means that your company or entity will not be able to trade in listed shares. Banks and investment service providers do not accept orders for listed securities from companies or entities with no valid LEI code.

Please note that there is no need to update the parent entity details if you have already filed the details and they are unchanged.

How to file the details

Fill in the form ‘Update parent entity details’ using our online LEI service. In the form you need to indicate whether you are disclosing the details of your direct and ultimate parent entities. Read more about the parent entities you must file details about.

If you are not disclosing the details, select a reason for that (for example that there are no parent entities).

Filing the details is free of charge. However, you will be asked in the form to give your invoicing details for paying the annual LEI code fee. At the same time, you must read and agree to our LEI service agreement and terms of use. See the service agreement and the terms of use.

Remember to give the name and role (for example, responsible person in the company) of the person signing the form. Read more about who can sign an LEI form.

If you file parent entity details, you must send in documents showing the relationship to the parent entity. Consolidated financial statements are the best documents for this purpose.

How to submit the details to the PRH

Print out and sign the form and send it to the PRH with the enclosed documents (if any)

  • either by email as scanned PDF files to LEI(at)
  • or by post to
    Finnish Patent and Registration Office
    LEI Register
    FI-00091 PRH, FINLAND.

We will inform you of the update by email

If you give your email address in the form, we will send you a message once we have registered the parent entity details you filed.

Update your parent entity details.Open link in a new tab

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