How to apply for a patent at PRH

Before you prepare a patent application, you should carry out a patent search to see what kind of inventions or solutions already exist in your technical field. You can also let us do the search for you. Read more about our search services.

You can find useful information about patents granted in your technical field, for instance, by reading patent documents in the Espacenet database.

Go to Espacenet.

Go to our price lists and payment instructions.

See what your patent application must include.

The Finnish Patents Act, Patents Decree and Patent Regulations define the structure of patent applications filed in Finland. It gives all involved in patenting equal opportunities to interpret, defend or challenge patents. Go to Finnish patent legislation.

Read more about how to apply for a patent in the patent guide (pdf, 3.87 Mb) (available only in Finnish).

Get professional advice from a patent attorney or agent

You should use a patent attorney or agent, as it is often quite difficult to prepare a patent application. Please note that if you are not domiciled in Finland, you must have an agent or attorney who lives in the European Economic Area. Patent agencies are private businesses specialised in the patent field and the patent application process. Read more.

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Latest update 10.06.2019