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Formal examination

We begin the processing by making sure that your application includes all necessary documents and that the application fee has been paid. If we have not received the documents or the application fee, we will send you a letter that explains why your application does not meet our formal requirements.

The letter – an office action – will give you a period of time to respond. The office action is a decision that we take during the application process, and it is not the final decision.

How to respond to office actions

You respond to an office action with an informal covering letter. Enclose requested documents or a copy of the receipt of payment, or both. Use a headline such as “Response to office action" in the covering letter.

Please note that your response must indicate the application and the office action to which your response relates. Describe briefly what you have done to meet our formal requirements, then send your response to us.

As soon as your application has passed the formal examination, it will proceed to the technical examination. Read more.

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