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Online patent application

You can file your online patent application with the PRH in the following ways:

  1. Using our online patent application
    • You can file Finnish patent applications in the service. Read more below under Online patent applications.
  2. Using the EPO Online Filing software
  3. Using the ePCT service

Online patent applications

In our web-based service, you can file Finnish patent applications online. Online filing requires that you identify yourself, for example with your internet banking codes or a mobile certificate (mobile ID).

If you are filing an international patent application or pursuing an application in the national phase, file your application using the EPO Online Filing software for patent professionals, or using forms available on the Internet. Go to the forms.

How to file an application online

Prepare your patent application as carefully as possible. You have limited possibilities to change any details in the application later, and you cannot add anything new in the application. We will make a patent specification of the text written in the application –the patent claims in the specification determine the scope of protection.

Have the following documents (parts of application) ready as separate PDF files before you start filling in the application form:

  • a description of your invention
  • patent claims
  • an abstract
  • drawings (if any).

See what your patent application must include.

Pay the application fee via your online bank or by credit card. You can also pay by invoice.
We will start processing your application once you have paid the application fee.

The date of receipt will be the day the documents arrive at our office, which includes weekends and holidays. We will send you an acknowledgement of the submission.

The online application works best with the following web browsers: Internet Explorer version 9 or newer, Firefox version 3.6 or newer, or Google Chrome. Problems may occur if you use the Safari browser.

Go to the online patent application.Open link in a new tab

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