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How to apply for a trademark

Apply to register your trademark using our online service

Use our online service to apply to register your trademark. You can identify yourself with your internet banking codes or a mobile certificate (mobile ID). When you have submitted your application, the service will send you a confirmation.

Go to our online service to apply to register your trademark.

We can only accept applications filed on paper or by email for a special reason. Read more about the special reasons.

Before you fill in your application

Think through the following:

Our quick guide for trademark applicants outlines the most important requirements for registration and helps you increase the probability of the registration of your mark. Go to our quick guide.

Your application becomes pending when it is assigned an application date

When your application becomes pending, it means we have begun to process it at the PRH. When an application becomes pending, it is assigned an application date.

Requirements for an application to become pending

In order to be granted an application date and become pending, the application must contain:

  • Adequate information to identify the applicant: personal name or company name, a Business ID for each company and a personal identity code for each natural person, and contact details.
  • A list of goods and services, specifying the goods and services included in the application clearly and precisely.
  • A clear and precise representation of the proposed trademark. The trademark must be described in such a manner that it can be represented in the Finnish Trademark Register and people can determine the clear and precise object of the protection. The application can include only one mark at a time. If you wish to register different versions of your mark, file a separate application for each version.

In addition, you must pay the application fee before the application can be considered as pending. If your application does not meet these requirements, we will contact you and ask you to complete it. Your application will be assigned an application date once all these requirements are met.

Your trademark enjoys protection from the application date onwards against applications that become pending later.

You cannot change the trademark after filing your application

After your application has become pending, you cannot usually make changes to the trademark. You may only be allowed to make very small changes which do not alter the general impression of the mark. Moreover, you cannot add new goods or services to your application after it has become pending.

However, you can always file a new application if you want to apply for a mark that has been altered or to expand the list of goods and services.

How to file a trademark application online

Before you can fill in your application, the online service will automatically direct you to identify yourself through the portal, using your personal internet banking codes or a mobile certificate.

After identifying yourself, the online application form includes five steps:

  1. Enter trademark details
  2. Enter goods or services
  3. Enter the applicant’s details
  4. Check the application and pay
  5. You will get a receipt of submission

Once you have completed the application, you will be directed to pay the application fee by online bank transfer. After paying the fee, you will be returned to our service for confirmation that we have received your application.

Go to our online service to file a trademark application.Open link in a new tab

When can you file an application on paper or by email?

You can only apply for a trademark online. We can only accept applications filed on paper or by email for a special reason.

Such special reasons could include the online service being unavailable due to a technical problem or an interruption in data traffic, or the applicant having no real possibility of using the online service. It is considered a special reason if the applicant has neither the required means of identification nor any opportunity to obtain them. In contrast, merely not having the required means of identification is not a valid reason.

Foreign applicants and foreign representatives who are not able to identify themselves through the service using their internet banking codes or a mobile certificate can submit the application on paper or by email.

Applicants from Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden now have the opportunity of using eIDAS identification.

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