Price list and payment instructions

Handling fees for notifications

Most notifications submitted to the Trade Register are subject to a fee. Some notifications are free of charge, such as changes of address, or notifications of termination of business. The notification is also free of charge if you only notify the Tax Administration, for example when filing a notification of interruption of business.

Submit your notifications online or on paper forms

In our online filing service at, you can start a limited liability company and a housing company and file your start-up notification for private trader. You can also file changes to the basic details of most company types.

Please note that online filing is only available in Finnish and in Swedish.

When you file your notification online, the online service automatically calculates the handling fee, and you pay the fee in the service after signing the notification.

If you file your notification on paper, pay the handling fee in advance and enclose the receipt with your notification. Do not pay the handling fee in advance if you file financial statements late. We will send you an invoice for the handling fee after the financial statements have been registered. Read more in our payment instructions.

Go to our list of handling fees.

Information service fees

You can buy our information service products, such as register extracts or financial statements, in the Virre Information Service. You can pay for the documents with your internet bank codes or by credit card. Go to the Virre Information Service.

If online payment is not possible for you, you can also use an order form to order documents – then the documents will be sent to you by post and you make the payment against invoice. Read more about our fees, or go to the order forms:

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