Payment instructions on Trade Register notifications

Most notifications submitted to the Trade Register are subject to a fee. Please note that we will not refund the handling fee even if the notification lapses or its registration is rejected. The handling fee is not refunded even if you yourself withdraw your notification after filing.

Pay for your online notification when you file it

In our online filing service at, you can start a limited liability company and a housing company and file your start-up notification for private trader. You can also file changes to the basic details of most company types.

Please note that online filing is only available in Finnish and in Swedish.

When you submit your notification at, the online service automatically calculates the handling fee for you. You pay the fee in the service after signing the notification.

You can pay either by using your online banking codes or by credit card.

Please observe that the fee can be paid by someone other than the person who files or signs the notification.

Go to our list of handling fees.

Pay for your paper notification in advance

When you file your notification to the Trade Register on a paper form, check the handling fee first in our price list or in the instructions on the notification, and pay for the notification in advance. Do not pay the handling fee in advance if you file financial statements late. We will send you an invoice for the handling fee after the financial statements have been registered.

You can pay directly at your bank or at a payment ATM or by using your online banking codes.

Enclose either a receipt or an account statement confirming the payment with the notification.

Submit your paper notification to us within a week after the payment. If you submit later, the processing of your notification will be significantly slower.

Please observe that the receipt for your paper notification must include the following details:

    • The payer
    • The recipient (Finnish Patent and Registration Office)
    • The account number to which the money has been transferred (PRH’s bank account)
    • The bank’s archive number
    • The sum paid in euros. Check the fee in our list of handling fees.
    • In the message field: type of notification (either start-up notification or notification of change) as well as the name and Business ID (if any) of your company, or the record number of your notification. No reference number is needed.
The due date is immediately. (The payment must be made before we start processing the notification.)

PRH’s bank accounts

Account number BIC/SWIFT code
Danske Bank A/S, Finland Branch FI7280001300049922 DABAFIHH
Nordea Bank Abp FI0716603000111958 NDEAFIHH

How to pay fees at PRH

You can also bring your paper notification to our Customer Service. See the contact details of our Customer Service.

Go to our list of handling fees.

More information about payments

Please contact our advisory service for more information. See the contact details of our advisory service.

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Latest update 01.12.2020