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Prohibition of registration to the Finnish Trade Register, the Finnish Register of Associations and the Finnish Register of Foundations

You can ask the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) not to register you as a person responsible for a company or an organisation at the Finnish Trade Register, Finnish Register of Associations, or Finnish Register of Foundations without your consent. A board member can, for example, be the responsible person.

If you have filed a prohibition of registration when you are notified as a person responsible for a company or an organisation, we will contact the person who has filed the notification to arrange for a consent.

The prohibition of registration remains in effect until further notice, but you can cancel it at any time.

All notifications related to the prohibition of registration require strong authentication, and therefore you need to have a Finnish personal identity code and personal internet banking codes or a mobile certificate or an electronic identity card (HST card).

If you have filed a prohibition of registration, keep your details up to date

Keep the email address or telephone number submitted for the prohibition of registration up to date. If the contact detail changes, file a new prohibition of registration. Read our instructions: How to file a prohibition of registration.

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