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How to apply for revocation of a registered company name at PRH

You can file an application if a registered company name is disadvantageous to you.

Apply for revocation by using a written free-form application either in Finnish or in Swedish. The application must be signed by the applicant or a representative authorised by them .

The application for revocation of a registered company name costs 400 euros. Pay the handling fee in advance and enclose the receipt with your application. See our payment instructions.

Give the following details in the application:

  • Name and Business ID of the applicant company
  • Contact details of the applicant or representative
  • Company name you want to revoke

Indicate in the application whether you want to revoke the company name in whole or in part. If you apply for revocation in part, indicate the part of the line of business that your application seeks to revoke.

In the application, tell us how the registered company name is disadvantageous to you.

Also, tell us whether a claim related to the same company name, and between the same parties, is pending at the Finnish Market Court or a non-appealable judgment has been issued on the claim.

If an authorised person signs the application, enclose either the original general power of attorney or a certified copy of a special power of attorney.

How to send the application to the PRH

Send the application

  • by post to:
Legal Unit
FI-00091 PRH, Finland, or

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