How to file an application with PRH

You can file your patent application with us in any of the following ways:

Finnish Patent and Registration Office

FI-00091 PRH, Finland

  • by filing it to PRH Registry by secure email. See instructions on how to send secure email.
  • by bringing it to our office. Our address is Sörnäisten rantatie 13 C, Helsinki. See our opening hours and how to reach us.
  • by filing it online using the Epoline Online Filing (eOLF) software, which is available free of charge. Please note that the software is most suitable for patent attorneys or agents or other experienced filers. To use eOLF, you need a card for electronic signatures and a card reader etc. Read more about eOLF.
  • File your application by fax. The number for fax filing is +358 29 509 5328 (the Registry number).
    Please observe: Fax filing may pose an information security risk. Should you have any doubt at all about your machine’s data security, we recommend that you do not use it for your filing.
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Latest update 14.04.2021