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A nine-month opposition period begins immediately after the date the patent is granted. During the opposition period, anyone may file an opposition against the patent in order to try and revoke it. In Finland, you file oppositions with the PRH. If the opposition period has expired, the patent can still be revoked by the Finnish Market Court. Go to the Market Court website. Open link in a new tab

You can file an opposition on the following grounds:

  • The patent relates to an invention that does not meet the basic conditions for a patent.
  • The patent relates to an invention that has not been described clearly enough for an expert to be able to use it.
  • The patent concerns something which was not included in the patent application when it was filed.
  • The scope of protection has been extended after the notice accepting the application was given to the applicant.

How to file an opposition

The opposition must be made in writing. Indicate the grounds for your opposition and submit the opposition letter to us. Anyone may file the opposition. Please note that the opposition must be filed in Finnish or in Swedish even if the patent is in English. Remember to pay the opposition fee. Go to our price list.

If your patent is in English

Please note the points below if your patent has been granted in English, meaning that the decisions you receive from us and the description of your invention are in English, as you have requested processing in English at our office.

As the applicant, you must submit a translation of the description of your invention from English into Finnish or Swedish if requested by someone during the opposition period.

If someone needs a translation, they must request it from us first and we will then give a deadline to the patent holder to submit a translation.

With oppositions, decisions are always in Finnish or in Swedish.

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