Fees for validating a European patent (EP) in Finland

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Publication fee for a translation of a European patent, for a translation of a European patent granted with amended wording, for a correction of a translation or for a limited patent, according to section 70 h(1), 70 q(1), or 70 t(2) of the Finnish Patents Act:
- fee for publication 500,00 0,00500,00
- fee for publication when the translation has been filed electronically 400,00 0,00400,00
The annual fees payable under section 70 l(1) of the Finnish Patents Act for European patents validated in Finland are the same as the annual fees for Finnish patents.
An annual fee that under section 70 l or 41 of the Finnish Patents Act is paid later than on the due date must be paid raised by 20%.
Fee for entry in the Patent Register, each entry 100,00 0,00100,00
Recording a change of names, address and patent agent free of charge 0,00free of charge
Decision fee under section 71 a of the Finnish Patents Act 450,00 0,00450,00
Certified extract from the book of original entries 15,00 0,0015,00
Authentication 15 + 1€/sheet 0,0015 + 1€/sheet
Extract from the Patent Register 15,00 0,0015,00
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Latest update 01.05.2017