Application fees for patents

The fees below are official fees and are not subject to VAT.

Service Basic price (€) VAT 0% Price (€)
Application fee 500,00 0,00500,00
Application fee for an electronically filed application 400,00 0,00400,00
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Additional fee for each claim in excess of 15 50,00 0,0050,00
Additional fee for any claim filed after the application was filed, or should be deemed to have been filed, if the total number of claims exceeds the number of the claims for which the application fee has been paid 50,00 0,0050,00
Special additional fee in cases where the international patent application is pursued in Finland according to section 31(1) or 38(2) of the Finnish Patents Act and the application includes an invention that has not been the subject of international search or international preliminary examination, and the provisions of section 36 or 37 of the Finnish Patents Act must not be applied 500,00 0,00500,00
Fee under section 36 or 37 of the Finnish Patents Act 350,00 0,00350,00
Additional fee for a further period under section 31(2) of the Finnish Patents Act 125,00 0,00125,00
Order fee for documents cited in the official action
- in one copy 20,00 0,0020,00
- in duplicate 30,00 0,0030,00
Reinstatement fee
- first reinstatement 70,00 0,0070,00
- subsequent reinstatements 140,00 0,00140,00
Fee for publication 500,00 0,00500,00
Fee for publication for correction of a translation 500,00 0,00500,00
Fee for publication when the documents for publication have been filed electronically in accordance with Annex 2 of the Patent Regulations 400,00 0,00400,00
Translation fee 70,00 0,0070,00
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Latest update 01.05.2017