Espacenet provides you with patent and utility model documents from all over the world. If you have questions like the ones below, Espacenet will provide you with the answers.

  • Where do I find ideas for new products and technical solutions?
  • What do we and the world know already?
  • Which solution should be developed further?
  • Is there a way to adopt an appropriate technique?
  • What kind of techniques are our competitors developing?
  • Which markets are our competitors targeting?
  • Who could be a good partner?
  • Where can I find this patent publication?


The databank includes two types of databases: national databases and a worldwide patent database.

The global database covers patent documents from dozens of countries, many dating back as far as the 19th century, and many of them starting from patent no. 1. The database also provides a patent family and legal status data from several countries.

The Finnish database FI-Espacenet contains identification data for all Finnish patent applications that have become available to the public and also the patents granted from them.


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If you have any questions related to Espacenet, please contact our Patent Advisory Service. See contact details.

A guide to search information in Espacenet

Pekka Koivukangas has drawn up an excellent guide for a publication series published by Aalto university “Patenttitiedon hyödyntäminen tuoteideoiden arvioinnissa ja valinnassa” (only available in Finnish).

Other guides in English on EPO’s website

Espacenet brochure
Espacenet assistant online tutorial
Espacenet demonstration video on YouTube

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