Report on the state of the art

A report on the state of the art provides you with information about solutions that are already known in the field of your invention. This search is suitable for examining the field, when your invention is no more than an idea.

Outcome of the search

The report on the state of the art compiles the patent publications in a particular technical field from all over the world. We can also add to the report a summary of the key problems and their solutions, as disclosed in the publications.

How long does the search take?

Our delivery time is usually about 3 weeks. Holiday seasons may in some cases extend the examination time, as we tend to give the assignment to a patent examiner specialised in the required technical field. If you need quick answers, you can order an online preliminary examination from us. Read more.

In special cases, the delivery time may be shorter. We then ask the examiner in this particular field if a shorter delivery time is possible. Please contact our client service.


You are charged by the hour for our search services. Fees for comments and publication copies (if ordered), invoicing fee, and the current VAT are added to the prices.

You can set an upper limit for the number of hours or the amount of money to be spent on the search. However, two or three hours is seldom enough when you need reliable results. If there are a lot of patents in a particular technical field or if the technology is complicated, the examiner needs to spend more time on the search than when examining simpler inventions.

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