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Processing association’s notifications and checking the rules at the PRH

In general, the PRH enter details in the Register of Associations based on notifications. Associations must make sure that their details entered in the Register of Associations are up to date.

We register the notifications when they meet with the requirements defined in the Finnish Associations Act and there are no statutory limitations for registration.

You can use our online service in Finnish and in Swedish to follow the processing of your association’s notification. Start by identifying yourself via the service.

How is the notification processed?

During processing, we check that

  • the notification is correctly signed
  • the correct handling fee has been paid to the PRH's bank account
  • the rules enclosed with the notification, and the charter when founding an association, fulfil their legal requirements.

In addition, we check that there is no other statutory limitations on registering the notification.

How are the rules checked?

The PRH will check that the rules meet with the requirements set by the Finnish Associations Act and that the provisions are not obviously illegal. Read more about the mandatory provisions set by the Finnish Association Act.

Please note that the rules must be written in Finnish or in Swedish.

In addition to the mandatory provisions, the rules can contain other provisions that concern the internal activity of the association. The content of these provisions cannot be illegal nor offend the rights of any outside parties.

The purpose of the Finnish Associations Act is to let the association itself decide about its internal activity to as great an extent as possible. That is why we encourage associations to consider carefully what kind of rules would be good for their activity in practice. When you are planning the rules, you can use our model texts as reference.

See our model texts for association rules in Finnish.

See our model texts for association rules in Swedish.

The PRH does not examine if the rules of the association are appropriate for its activity. After registration, any possible conflict of interpretation about the rules will be solved ultimately in the District Court.

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