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Exemption for a chairperson living abroad

The chairperson of the executive committee must have their place of residence in Finland.

If applied for, the PRH can grant the association an exemption from this provision. However, the exemption is granted on the condition that at least one of the persons entitled to sign for the association or a board member who has been recorded in or will be filed with the register is resident in Finland.

What does it cost?

Applying for the exemption costs 110 euros.

Please pay the handling fee before sending the application and enclose a receipt of the payment with it. See our price list and payment instructions.

How to apply for an exemption

Request an exemption in a separate free-form application written in Finnish or in Swedish .

In your application, request that the chairperson of the executive committee does not have to be resident in Finland. Please note that you do not have to apply for the exemption for a certain person mentioned by name, but you can apply for an exemption in general.

In the application, also write

  • the name of the association
  • why the exemption is necessary
  • the applicant’s name, address, and phone number, and
  • the date.

Sign the application. The person signing the application must have the right to act on behalf of the association.

Enclose a receipt of the payment with the application.

Send your application by post to:

Finnish Patent and Registration Office
The Register of Associations
FI-00091 PRH

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