Changes – limited liability companies

What changes must I notify to the Trade Register?

Whenever your company's details change, you must inform the Trade Register about it by filing a notification of the changes. A limited liability company must notify the Trade Register if for example the following details change: persons authorised to represent the company, board of directors, auditor, place of registered office (domicile), increase of share capital, address and contact details, procuration rights, merger, financial period, line of business, company name, managing director, or changes to the articles of association. See also termination of appointment.

Several decisions of a limited liability company do not come into force until they are recorded into the Trade Register. The most common of them are changes to the articles of association and in share capital. The company can start applying the new articles of association immediately from the registration date.

Please note: Shareholders are not entered in the Trade Register – shareholder details are therefore not included in the registered data of a company. This means that you do not have to notify changes of shareholders to the register. But if there are changes in the shareholders and for example a new board of directors is appointed, you have to notify the new board to the register without delay by submitting a notification of the change to the Trade Register.

How to file a notification

You can file notifications online using the service in Finnish or in Swedish provided by the PRH and the Finnish Tax Administration at or using paper notification forms.

Paper notification forms

  • Use Form Y4 and Appendix Form 13. Fill in the forms in Finnish or in Swedish. Please note that Appendix Form 13 is only available in Finnish or in Swedish.
  • Use a specific Personal Data Form for submitting identification data of natural persons. Do not fill in personal identity codes or home addresses on any other notification forms. Read more
  • Form Y4 is signed by a member of the board of directors, or the managing director, or by a person authorised by one of them. If an authorised person signs the notification, the original general power of attorney or a certified copy of a special power of attorney must be enclosed with the notification.

Enclosures to be submitted with online notifications or with paper notification forms

  • Submit the decision which the amendment is based on, for example, the general meeting’s decision to change the articles of association or to appoint a board of directors, or a decision of the board of directors to appoint a chairperson.
  • Receipt for the handling fee if you file your notification on paper.
  • Do not enclose any documents with your notification (such as minutes or partnership agreements) containing personal identity codes or addresses of natural persons. Read more

Handling fees

Please note that the handling fees are different for online filing at and for filing on paper. The method of payment is also different.

For further information about our handling fees and how to pay them, please see our price list.


Normally, you must notify us without delay after a change has taken place.

There are some changes that must be notified to the register within a certain time limit. In some cases, your decision will lapse if you do not meet the deadline.

The most common notifications that must be submitted within a deadline are:

  • Incorporation of a limited liability company
  • Reduction of the share capital
  • Share issue
  • Option rights and other special rights

Furthermore, there are several deadlines to be met throughout merger and demerger proceedings.

For deadlines, please check the relevant Finnish law, or contact the Trade Register’s Advisory Service, tel. +358 (0)29 509 5900.

The Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act is available on FINLEX, the reference database of Finnish legislation.

Please note: If the address or contact details of the company have changed, you must notify the Trade Register. Address and contact details can also be updated online. The online service is available only in Finnish and in Swedish on the Business Information System website.

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