Start a business

How can the Trade Register help you?

Our advisory service provides advice in matters relating to notifications and applications to be submitted to the Trade Register. We also give advice about the legal effects and other effects of registration.

Please note that the Trade Register staff cannot give official advice in other practical arrangements of starting up a business, or advice in questions on company law, taxation or other matters of juridical nature.

Please see the detailed instructions on how to file a start-up notification, by company type, in the left-hand menu.

Read more about our Advisory service and what kind of questions it can answer.

Other services to help you start a business

You can get help to start a business from the following service providers: website

NewCo Helsinki

  • NewCo Helsinki is a service centre for those looking into starting up a business and for those already operating a business.

TE Offices

  • Finnish TE Offices offer a wide range of services for entrepreneurs and those interested in entrepreneurship and starting their own business.

Taxation – information and advice

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