Start-up notification of a limited liability company

Every limited liability company is obliged to file a start-up notification with the Finnish Trade Register. Limited liability companies come into being through registration.

A limited liability company must be reported for registration within three months from the signing of the memorandum of association. If the company is not reported for registration within that period of time, the formation expires.

Set-up package in English for your convenience

The set-up of a limited liability company is reported to the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) by using documents and forms in Finnish or in Swedish. Please note that you can also use bilingual forms in Finnish and in English but that you have to fill in them in Finnish or in Swedish.

To help you to fill in the documents needed for the set-up and registration, we have a set-up package in English. The package contains formation instructions, document templates and notification forms. The English document templates and notification forms can however only be used as models and cannot therefore be submitted to the Finnish Trade Register.

Set-up package (pdf)

Notification to the Finnish Trade Register


  • Form Y1, appendix form 1 and personal data form. Form Y1 is in English. Please note that you have to fill in both form Y1 and appendix form 1 either in Finnish or in Swedish.
  • Send the forms to the address given on the form.
  • Personal data form. Use a specific personal data form for submitting identification data of natural persons. Do not fill in personal identity codes or home addresses on any other notification forms. Read more
  • An ordinary member of the board of directors or a person he or she has authorised signs form Y1. If an authorised person signs the notification, the original general power of attorney or a certified copy of a special power of attorney must be enclosed with the notification.


  • The limited liability company’s original memorandum of association
  • A copy of the articles of association
  • A receipt showing that the handling fee has been paid.

Please note that you also have to submit the following documents:

  • You must always submit a statement of the members of the board of directors together with your start-up notification. Enclose the statement of the members of the board of directors; and the managing director, if any; confirming that the company has been formed in compliance with the Limited Liability Companies Act. You can submit the statement either on appendix form 1 or enclose a separate statement with your notification.
  • If, under the law or the articles of association, the company is obliged to elect an auditor you have to enclose a certificate of the auditors confirming that the provisions of the Limited Liability Companies Act on the payment for shares have been complied with. You can submit the certificate either on appendix form 1 or enclose a separate certificate with your notification.
  • If, under the law or the articles of association, the company is NOT obliged to elect an auditor, please enclose some other document concerning the payment for shares, for example
  • a certificate from the company's auditor, if the company has freely chosen to appoint an auditor
  • a certificate from an auditor of the transfer of assets
  • an account statement, or an equivalent certificate from a financial institution. The document can be a printout indicating the final transaction and including the bank's archive number (‘arkistointitunnus’); a copy of your account statement; a receipt from a payment ATM; or the payer’s copy (with the bank’s stamp) of the credit transfer form (‘tilisiirtolomake’).
  • If the board meeting elects the chairperson of the board of directors, holders of procuration or persons authorised to represent the company, or adopts an auxiliary company name, you must enclose a certified copy of the minutes of the meeting. Please note that the chairperson of the board of directors can also be mentioned in the memorandum of association.
  • If you report a person without a Finnish personal identity code for registration at the Finnish Trade Register for the first time, enclose a proof of the person’s existence, such as a copy of his or her passport, or an extract from a business register in another country. Read more about permits to persons living abroad. Remember to fill in the personal data form.
  • If the share capital is paid with other assets than cash, submit an account of an auditor. Please note that a lay auditor cannot give the account.

Do not enclose any documents with your notification (such as minutes or partnership agreements) containing personal identity codes or addresses of natural persons. Read more

Handling fee

  • 380 euros
  • The handling fee must be paid in advance (For further information, please see our payment instructions)
  • Notification of an auxiliary company name: 115 euros per each auxiliary name

Please note:

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