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Start-up notification for limited liability companies in the online service at (you will add drafted documents yourself)

Start a limited liability company in the online service at Please note that the service is only available in Finnish and Swedish.

This page provides instructions for filing a start-up notification in the online service at

Select the start-up notification for a limited liability company if the company to be incorporated is subject to one or more of the following situations:

  • The company has share capital.
  • The shareholders include companies or other organisations.
  • The persons you have filed do not all have Finnish personal identity codes (shareholders and the members of the board of directors, as well as the managing director, auditor, holders of procuration rights and representatives, if any).
  • Standard articles of association (created by the online service in the guided set-up package) are not sufficient.
  • The company to be incorporated is a public limited company (Plc).
Otherwise, select the guided set-up package in the online service at (documents are created by the service). Read more about the set-up package.

When to file

File a start-up notification for your limited liability company with the Finnish Trade Register within three months of signing the memorandum of association. If you fail to meet the deadline, the incorporation will lapse, and no company will be formed.

Who can file

A member or deputy member of the board of directors signs the notification. If none of them has a Finnish personal identity code, file the notification using the online form. Go to our instructions: Forms for the start-up notification of a limited liability company.

How to file

To log in to the online service at, you need to have a Finnish personal identity code and either personal internet banking codes, a mobile certificate, or an electronic identity card (HST card).

After you have logged in to the service, select “Yrityksen perustaminen”/“Grunda företag” on the front page and after that “Perustamisilmoitus”/“Etableringsanmälan” under “Perusta osakeyhtiö”/“Grunda aktiebolag”. Please note: We are revamping the online service at At this stage, you will be directed to the revamped view of the service.

File the following details in the service:

You must file the municipality of residence and home address for foreign persons. Read more about permits for persons living permanently outside the European Economic Area.

What documents need to be enclosed

Add the following documents in the service:

  • Memorandum of association
  • Confirmation by the board of directors and the managing director that the law has been followed

If necessary, add the following documents:

  • Auditor’s certificate
  • Receipt for the payment of shares
  • Copies of passports or another proof of identity for foreign persons

What documents must be enclosed if share subscription price is paid for in assets other than money?

If the subscription price for shares is paid using other property than money (contribution in kind), enclose an auditor’s statement about the property given as a capital contribution and evidence of the transfer of assets. If the contribution in kind is a piece of real estate, the evidence can consist of a copy of the real estate sales contract. Read more about contribution in kind (only in Finnish and Swedish).


The online filing fee is 370 euros. Pay the fee after signing the notification in the online service at
The fee for an auxiliary company name is 70 euros per name. Read more about auxiliary company names.

Go to the online filing at link in a new tab

If you file your notification using paper forms, the processing time will be longer than when filing in the online service at Go to our instructions for paper forms.

Monitor the progress of your notification

You can monitor the progress of your notification using the notification search in the Virre Information Service. Go to the notification search in Virre.Open link in a new tab

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