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Fast-track processing of patent applications

As a patent applicant, you can under certain conditions request fast-track processing for your patent application at the PRH. We will fast-track as many applications as possible, as long as they meet our requirements.

If we receive too many applications, we may have to reduce the number of applications we are fast-tracking. You can check the situation on this page before requesting fast-track processing.

We can accept requests for fast-tracking in all technical fields as normal.

Requirements for fast-track processing

Request for fast-track processing must be made on the same day as the application is filed. You can request fast-track processing for national patent applications. The application can be a divisional or separated application. In the application, you can also claim priority from an earlier application. Fast-track processing in this form cannot be requested for international PCT applications pursued in Finland. The Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) system can be used for international applications.

The fast-track processing system is free of charge, and you can use it if:

  1. the invention relates to bioeconomy, circular economy, or clean technology solutions; or
  2. you are proceeding with your application through the PPH route; or
  3. you informally point out an important economic reason, or another strong argument.

Read more about the PPH system.

Remedying of deficiencies in applications

Fast-track processing is helped by a carefully completed application with necessary enclosures. The PRH carries out a formal examination of the application. If necessary, the PRH issues a formal office action to point out the deficiencies in the application, such as an unpaid application fee or an undelivered power of attorney or assignment document. You can remedy deficiencies within the time limit given in the office action. Please note that your application cannot be fast-tracked if you do not remedy the deficiencies or if you request the response time for the office action to be extended. Also, fast-track processing is cancelled if the PRH has to issue additional formal office actions.

Read more about formal examination.

First office action within three months

Once the application is formally correct, it will proceed to the technical examination. You will be informed of the proceeding by mail. In fast-track processing, the PRH will issue the first office action within 3 months after the application has proceeded to the technical examination. You will receive the second office action within 2 months from your reply to the first office action.

If there are no obstacles to your patent application, the first or the second office action can be a communication of approval. In this case, the application proceeds rapidly to the patent phase. The patent can be granted to you as quickly as within a little over a year. If the application cannot be approved in conjunction with the second office action, the application procedure will proceed according to the normal processing schedule thereafter.

How to request fast-track processing

Request form for fast-track processing. Open link in a new tab

Fill in the form and send it to us together with the patent application you would like to be fast-tracked. The request must be made on the same day as the application. Read more about how to file an application with the PRH.

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