Fast-track processing

You can request fast-track processing for your patent application when filing the application or within one month from the filing date.

Please note that if we receive too many patent applications, we will have to reduce the number of applications we are fast-tracking.

Our workload is currently moderate, which is why we are able to accept all applications that meet our criteria for fast-track processing.


The fast-track processing system is free of charge, and you can use it if:

  1. your invention relates to bioeconomy, circular economy, or pure technology solutions, or
  2. you are proceeding with your application through the PPH route, or
  3. you informally point out an important economic reason, or another strong argument.

Furthermore, your patent application must meet the formal requirements; this means that all the required documents must be enclosed. If the above conditions are not met, we will turn down your request and process the application as a regular application. We will inform you if your fast-tracking request is declined.

If the patent application involves formal deficiencies, you can pay the application fee, send an assignment document or a power of attorney to us within one month from the filing of your application to fulfil the requirements. Please note that your patent application cannot be fast-tracked if we have to send you an office action because your application does not meet our formal requirements.

Read more about the PPH system.

Read more about formal examination.

First office action within four months

You will receive our first technical office action within four months from the filing of your patent application, and our second office action within one month (in the summer within two months) from your reply to the first office action. You have four months to respond to the first office action, so it will take less than ten months to receive the second office action from us.

How to request fast-track processing

The request form.

Fill in the form and send it to us together with the patent application you would like to be fast-tracked. Request fast-track processing when you file your application or within one month from the filing of your application. Read more about how to file an application with the PRH.

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Latest update 10.06.2019