Novelty search

The first condition of patentability is that the invention must be new. You should always find an answer to whether your invention is new, since patenting costs can be considerable and unnecessary payments should therefore be avoided.

Ask us to carry out a novelty search for you and to find out whether your idea or invention is new. You can also utilise the novelty search if you are contemplating filing an opposition, invalidating a granted patent or licensing or buying a patent.

You can choose a fixed-price novelty search or a wider novelty search charged by the hour.

Outcome of the search

The novelty search will reveal patent publications with technical solutions that are similar to those disclosed in the request, or closely resemble them. If requested, the examiner may also include a short comment about the publications found, many of which are often in a foreign language.

How long does the search take?

  • Fixed-price novelty search: about 2 weeks
  • Novelty search charged by the hour: about 3 weeks

If you need quick answers, you can ask us to carry out an online preliminary novelty search.
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Please observe that possible work queues within a particular technical field and the holiday season can prolong the estimated delivery time.


  • Fixed-price novelty search: € 850 + VAT
  • Novelty search charged by the hour: basic fee € 120 + € 120/hour + VAT
    • You can set an upper limit for the number of hours or the amount of money spent on the search. However, two or three hours is seldom enough when you need reliable results. To do an extensive examination requires 6-10 hours of work. If there are a lot of patents in a particular technical field or if the technology is complicated, the examiner needs to spend more time on the search than when examining simpler inventions.

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How to order

Place your order and add a clear, logical and simple assignment to it so that the patent examiner can immediately start working with your order.

A well-prepared assignment provides the best and most reliable results.

Include the following in your order:

  • Fixed-price novelty search:
    • Detailed description of the invention. The description must show in detail the background of the invention, the problem the invention solves and the essential characteristics of the invention. The description can also be shown in the independent claims.
  • Novelty search charged by the hour:
    • The description of the invention, or a short account of the invention and the characteristics of the invention, such as the invention disclosure, preliminary patent application, and preferably also a drawing.

How to send your order

Send your order by mail or secure email. See our contact details and instructions on secure email.

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