Why trust the PRH?

The Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) carries out patentability searches and examinations, and our work quality is under regular control and improvement. We employ over 100 highly educated examiners, and offer a variety of services. You are welcome to take advantage of our expertise.

We provide you with a reliable assessment on whether your invention might be patentable, which will help you to plan cost-effectively when and to what extent it would be rational to proceed with patenting. Even if you are aiming at patenting outside Finland, it may be a good idea to start the process by filing a national Finnish application with the PRH.

Wide range of services

  • Search services
    We offer you a variety of search services to support your decisions: to help developing an idea, finding out the state of the art, or judging the novelty of a nearly finished invention. One of our services is “preliminary novelty search", where we assess the novelty of your invention before you file a patent application. Read more about our search services.
  • Advisory service
    Our consulting engineers and client advisors can advise you on patenting. Read more about our advisory services.
  • Fast-track processing (Patent Prosecution Highway, PPH)
    The international PPH system offers you a possibility to fast-track the processing of your application. Read more about the PPH.
  • International PCT applications
    There are less than twenty authorities in the world that process international PCT applications, and the PRH is one of them. In addition to a national Finnish application, you can also file a PCT application with the PRH for us to search. Read more.
  • Processing languages Finnish, Swedish and English
    Today, we also offer a national application procedure carried out in English. Voit halutessasi tehdä hakemuksen suoraan englanniksi. This will help you to save in translation costs if you decide to progress with your application in countries outside Finland.
  • Electronic applications
    The PRH was the first national office in Europe to launch online filing, using the eOLF application. Read more about online filing.
  • Extensive, free databases
    Our databases include a lot of information about patents and patent applications. This is why they are extremely rich sources of technical information. You can use our PatInfo database to follow the progress of application procedures including the correspondence. Read more about databases.
  • Training
    We also arrange lectures and training events. Let us know what is of interest to you, and we can tailor a lecture or training event for you. Contact us.

High-quality searches and examinations

  • Quality under control
    Our patent application procedure has been granted the ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate. The PRH was the first searching and examining PCT authority to get this certification.
  • Skilled personnel
    Applications are dealt with by over 100 PRH examiners whose expertise covers all technical fields. All our examiners have an academic degree; more than half also have a postgraduate degree.
  • Advanced tools
    Besides domestic databases, we have access to the databases and tools of the European Patent Office (EPO). We also have access to several Asian authorities’ (Japan, China, Korea) full-text databases and to Thomson Reuters’ STN database (including the Chemical Abstract database).
  • Strong international expertise
    When carrying out novelty searches, we pay attention to the fact that legislation in other countries, such as the USA, may differ from ours. If needed, we personally advise you on what to take into account if you decide to pursue your application.

Route for international patenting

A national Finnish patent application is a cost-effective way to start international patenting.

  • Today, it is possible to draft a national application to the PRH directly in English.
  • After the application has been processed, it will be easier for you to decide whether to pursue the application outside Finland, in which countries, and whether you should amend the application.
  • We also receive and process international PCT applications.
  • If you choose the PCT route, you can delay your decision on where to pursue the application by up to 2.5 years.
  • If you want patent protection quickly, you have the possibility to request a fast-track examination of your application at PPH-contracting authorities.
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Latest update 17.03.2017