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Filing a start-up notification for association using a paper form

You can file a start-up notification in our online service. It is cheaper and faster to file online than by using paper forms. The online filing service is available in Finnish and in Swedish. Read our instructions on how to file a start-up notification online.

However, if the PRH have preliminarily checked the rules of your association, you can file the notification only by using our paper forms.

Enclose the rules with the start-up notification to the PRH. Please note that the rules must be written in Finnish or in Swedish.Before filling in the paper form, read the instructions on rules filed on paper.

What does it cost to file using a paper form?

A start-up notification using paper forms costs 180 euros.

Pay the handling fee in advance and enclose the receipt of the payment with your notification. See the price list and payment instructions.

If the PRH have preliminarily checked the rules, the handling fee for a start-up notification is 180 euros. Read more about the preliminary check.

How to file the notification using a paper form

Save the forms to your computer, fill them in (in Finnish or in Swedish), and print out.

Go to the form at Start-up notification of an association (including form Y1a, appendix form 12A, and personal data form).Open link in a new tab

Who signs the notification?

The chairperson of the executive committee signs the start-up notification. If the association is filing its executive committee with the Register of Associations, then any other adult committee member can also sign the notification.

Please note: Committee members who are only being filed as persons entitled to sign for the association have no right to sign the notification.

What documents need to be enclosed?

Enclose the following documents with the notification:

  • the signed charter in Finnish or in Swedish
  • the rules in Finnish or in Swedish, and
  • the receipt for the handling fee.

Send the notification and any enclosed documents by post to:

Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) – Finnish Tax Administration

Business Information System

P.O. Box 2000

FI-00231 Helsinki, Finland

Send your paper notification to us within a week after the payment to avoid delay in processing the notification.

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